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Made with Soul. This is the Mazda promise, and Jim Freeman found the new CX-30 SUV from the Japanese brand an easy to acquire taste when he visited Simonsig, the original home of sparkling wine in South Africa. Heaven forbid Driven be perceived to endorse drinking...
New Countryman JCW Meets its 60-Year-Old Precursor | The fastest, most powerful version of the MINI Countryman is now available locally. To celebrate 20 years of the new MINI and 60 years of cooking Coopers, we took the latest John Cooper Works derivative to meet its...

According to research (whose I can’t be sure), the average car owner spends 4.3 years of their lives in their cars – so we might as well enjoy it, according.

Along Raced a Spyder | The ten-cylinder jewel from Audi is a bit of a unicorn, and when on song, its delicious high-pitched soundtrack takes you back to the halcyon days of V10s in Formula 1 and Le Mans race cars. It is the spearhead to...

The highly-anticipated and wholly redesigned Land Cruiser 300 made its international debut via digital reveal in early June. Driven had a front-row seat, as it were, to the action as.

Honda South Africa had something to celebrate recently when they unveiled the brand new Honda FIT, the fourth generation of the immensely popular Honda Jazz, renamed to bring it in.

Timeless Luxury | Since its launch in 2002, the Volvo XC90 established itself as one of the better options within the mid-sized SUV segment. Now in its second generation and with numerous awards under its belt, the XC90 is evidence that the folks in Gothenburg, Sweden,...
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