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The Urus is the third arrow in Automobili Lamborghini's performance utility quiver, that CALVIN FISHER reckons still makes the remaining performance purists huddle over in their dark corners somewhere. They rock themselves calm as marques that once teemed with sports car credentials, now churn out...
This is not your ordinary Top 5. After some head scratching, contemplating, deliberating, and more scratching of heads, we decided that this month would be somewhat… different. No budget(y) vehicles with interesting names, nor tax-friendly vehicles with turbos can be found on these pages. There’s...
”Eish,”, the carwash attendant exclaimed, clutching his head as we drove up to the wash and dry area with the Lexus LS 500. “You must be from the States,” he said matter-of-factly to DEON VAN DER WALT. "No," he replied, informing the awestruck attendant that...
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