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There is a saying that you do not mess with a winning combination and, for the best part of a century, this has been the mantra BMW motorcycle designers have largely followed. For them, design revolves around three basic elements – black, low centre of gravity,...

Hyundai introduced a fresh new face in their local SUV range towards the end of 2020. The new Creta is a significant upgrade from the previous car, with eye-catching styling.

I always look forward to getting long term review cars because it gives me a chance to formulate a more personal opinion on the car. When a new vehicle is.

Still one of South Africa's most desirable and iconic SUVs, the Toyota Prado recently received several key upgrades that Driven put to the test over more than four weeks and 4,000 km. Prado is more than a motoring icon; it is the everyday transport for...

Singer, acclaimed for its Porsche resto-mods, has now unveiled its All-Terrain Competition Study – a Porsche 911 modified for all-terrain use to enable their clients to go off-road racing. It.

South Africa’s economic climate notwithstanding, we’re expecting to see the introduction of more than 120 new models, derivatives, and upgrades to existing models in 2021. While we’d love to take a long hard look at most of these, let’s whittle the list down to our...

WIPEOUT PERFORMANCE BAC, maker of track day-inspired supercars, has recently delivered its first new Mono R to a customer with quite the special livery. The Mono R #1, which boasts.

Lots of modern cars are fast, but the 911 Turbo has always offered just that much more poise in the process. Introduced at the 1974 Paris Motor Show, the original (930) 911 Turbo was born of Porsche’s desire to homologate its racing cars for the...
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