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A Magnificent Makeover | In 2019, the VW Tiguan managed to bag the title of VW’s best-seller in Mzansi. Fast forward a couple of years, and it has received an update that has made it a more attractive package than it has ever been.  The...

TECHNO TOUR DE FORCE | Toyota’s fledgling luxury division, Lexus, introduced its first compact sedan in Europe and North America at the turn of the century. Now in the late.

Class Comfort | Since its introduction 40 years ago with the launch of the so-called "Baby Benz", the 190, in 1982, more than 10.5 million C-Class vehicles have been sold.

More Power for Mzansi | When a new BMW performance-oriented model is released locally, it is usually specified with a small power deficit compared to its European counterpart due to differences in fuel quality, requiring the manufacturer to detune its engines marginally. So, it has...

Freedom of Choice | According to the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, "we are condemned to be free”. The agony of freedom of choice experienced when searching for a mid-sized family.

The Future is e-lectrifying | Regulators are tightening the screws on harmful emissions, and automakers are finding it challenging to justify the ongoing manufacturing of fossil fuel burning vehicles. It appears that the writing is on the wall for the internal combustion engine as more...

The five-cylinder engine has been an essential component of Audi's brand DNA since it was introduced 45 years ago. Still relevant today, its characteristic firing order and unique sound promise.

New Porsche Macan Range Takes a Bow | Learning from its 20 years in the SUV game, Porsche has again upped the ante with the launch of the new Macan, Macan S, and fiery Macan GTS. When Porsche announced two decades ago that it would be producing...
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