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According to research (whose I can’t be sure), the average car owner spends 4.3 years of their lives in their cars – so we might as well enjoy it, according to French brand, Citroën. The third generation C3 hit South African soil at the end...

Honda South Africa had something to celebrate recently when they unveiled the brand new Honda FIT, the fourth generation of the immensely popular Honda Jazz, renamed to bring it in.

The Sound of Speed | Back in 1969, breaking the sound barrier was still a thing, so when Ford was searching for a moniker for a performance-oriented mass-produced option package.

RIGHT ON CUE | Now refreshed after its original introduction four years ago, a rationalised line-up of the compact Audi Q2 has been released in South Africa – right on cue to take advantage of the burgeoning local compact SUV market…  When first revealed in...

Picking up the Pace When it was launched in 2017, the Jaguar E-Pace – the first compact SUV model from Coventry – became only the second Jaguar model ever produced.

Being a late addition to the Ford Everest Sport launch in the Eastern Cape recently, I missed out on the pre-launch research I usually immerse myself in before an event..

IT'S A KOMBI, NOT A TAXI | Fun fact, did you know that in Zimbabwe, people do not call commuter omnibuses taxis as we do? Instead, the urban name for a commuter omnibus is a kombi. “I’ll take a kombi to the mall”, you will...

In an effort to make the name of its new H2 SUV replacement more palatable and pronounceable outside of China, Haval has changed it from Chulian to Jolion. Chulian means.

With the introduction of the revamped fourth-generation Santa Fe (the name means "holy faith" in Spanish, but the SUV was actually named for the capital city of the state of.

A launch of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is always a special occasion, but when South Africa's most prominent luxury car brand showcases new additions to their AMG range, Driven will always have a front-row seat to the action. This was the case at the recent introduction...
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