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“Too much money isn’t enough money.” The point this hip hop artist was trying to make was that no matter how much money you make, you will always aspire to make more - case in point, Volkswagen. The company has had so much success selling...

The now slightly elusive Executive Premium Sedan segment has for a great number of years represented the epitome of a luxury saloon purchase. The middle- to upper-management buyers would, by.

The Mini story is one that goes back to the 1950s and, like most developments, it was conceived from necessity. In the case of the Mini, it can trace its roots back to a time when there was a need for cheap-to-run city cars due...

BMW’s M Performance models are the metaphorical precursor to the fully-fledged M models. We recently spent time at the helm of the M340i sedan, replete with xDrive all-wheel-drive traction for.

The new Ford Everest offers a very subtle upgrade over that of the outgoing model. So much so that to a layperson it looks the same as the predecessor. However, beneath the sheet metal, more contentious changes were made but does this new formula affect...

There’s a myth that the indomitable ‘bakkie’ rules the roost when it comes to new car sales every month. And that used to be the case. We are, however, living.

Alfa Romeo deserves to do well on the sales charts! Let me rephrase that: Alfa Romeo should be a runaway success. Alas, it continues to be plagued by perceptive, pre-conceived.

Isuzu has rationalised its D-Max range all the while adding a more convenient automatic transmission to its 4X2 250 derivatives. Lerato Matebese travelled to the Western Cape to sample the latest addition to the range to see how it fares in the grand scheme of...
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