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PRECISION: THE NAME OF THE GAME | Audi recently dropped updates to its RS and S model lines, including exterior and interior revisions and a suspension tweak for the RS5 coupé quattro. The changes may be subtle and few, but the RS5 offers a better...

BRINGING THE HEAT | The first generation H6 hit our shores a couple of years ago and managed to get decent sales from a market that typically stays loyal to.

CHANGING HEARTS AND MINDS | As the global push towards electrification gains, erm, steam, South African early adopters have increasingly more choice in the premium all-electric vehicle market. One manufacturer,.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS | The revamped Citroën C3 is really cute. As a city car, it is just the right size and has a great mix of technology, and as a long-distance cruiser, its overall comfort levels will put much larger cars to...

CELESTIAL WORKHORSE | Manufactured by GWM, renowned for its Haval SUV range, which continues to grow in popularity among South African motorists, the P-Series is certain to gain similar recognition.

A TOUCH OF KLASS | Volvo’s facelifted XC40 compact SUV arrived in South Africa to a welcome reception. Now, the brand’s acclaimed local sales leader has been treated to a midlife nip and tuck to keep looking as vivacious as ever.  Aimed at the young...

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ vs Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ | The notion of performance SUVs has been the subject of intense debate since the first super-powered Merc wagon.

Regardless of the rolling lockdown restrictions that pose ongoing challenges, such as delaying opportunities to embark on a series of on and off-road test drives, the Ford Ranger Thunder rolls with the thunder. Special edition pick-up trucks demand attention and Ford has not been shy...
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