Merc Unveils New E-Class Family


With global economies gradually re-opening for business, Mercedes-Benz used the opportunity to showcase its new E-Class models.

Arguably the most striking is the new Mercedes-AMG E 53 Coupe that received an enhanced front-end complete with the AMG-specific grille. At the rear, though, it’s a familiar affair with the same attractive lines working together to create the sporty profile.


While it’s a good-looking car, several components serve as more than just bits to paint a pretty picture. Take the front-end for instance; the wide-positioned intakes direct air to the sides of the car adding to the aerodynamic profile, while the 20” wheels are also optimised to eliminate a significant degree of wind resistance.


Inside, the E 53 Coupe also sings a familiar tune with most of the familiar features still present. To just give you an idea, Mercedes chose to emphasise a new colour for its AMG seats – Titanium-grey and black with red stitching. Still, though, it looks good.

Furthermore, the E 53 received the new-gen AMG steering wheel on which you can adjust driving modes and tweak suspension preferences.
The most exciting addition to the E 53, or at least for this writer, is found under the surface. Available for the first time, the AMG Dynamic Plus package is available with a Race Driving programme and Drift Mode.



The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet has also gone under the knife but based on appearances Mercedes-Benz has largely chosen to keep to a more conservative rejuvenation strategy for this model.


It received new headlights and a ‘reworked’ design on the taillights, while the grille’s position is said to be lowered.
There are also new colours and wheels on offer should you be looking to personalise your new E-Class with the latter also featuring designs that keeps the aerodynamic laws in check.


On the interior front, it would require a keen eye to spot many a difference – not that it’s a bad thing since the interior was a fantastic space, even from the get-go.


While changes on the new E-Class variants have been on this side of subtle, it is this approach that keeps potential buyers enticed and paves the way to a dramatic and even revolutionary unveiling when the time comes for an all-new model.

And this might be exactly what Mercedes-Benz needs in this most turbulent of financial times.