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HYUNDAI CRETA 1.5 EXECUTIVE DIESEL 6AT | During the December holiday period, Ferdi de Vos traversed the vast expanses of the country’s largest province and the Orange River (Gariep) running through it in a new Hyundai Creta. “I see you!”   The glaring eye of the Khi Solar One...

It seems the turnaround strategy of French car manufacturer Peugeot, now part of the Stellantis Group, is working in South Africa, with small growth in its sales volumes over the.

According to those in the know at Volkswagen, there are decisive advantages of the battery-electric drive over the hydrogen fuel cell, leaving Volkswagen no alternative than to promote battery electric.

MAXIMISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS | MINI's steady march from iconic microcar to, what is today, an extensive range, has been ongoing for the last two decades. The newest version of the MINI mid-size SUV, the Countryman, takes the icon to a whole new – and significantly larger...
If we’re honest, McLaren's never-ending numerical naming schemes representing a mechanical engineer's scribble book were becoming a bit erm… bland and uninspiring. So, names like Senna and now Artura are a breath of fresh air, and so is the concept behind the Artura – it’s the...
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