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CONCEPTS & FUTURE TOYS This our favourite list of the weird and wonderful gadgetries from the automotive world. V8 PERFECTION Denmark is often referred to as the “happiest country in the world”. However, there’s also a five-letter word associated with it that can, in some...

The long-awaited first all-electric model from Aston Martin made its debut on the Lagonda stand at the recent Auto Shanghai motor show. Fittingly so, as the Rapide nameplate on this.

This is not your ordinary Top 5. After some head scratching, contemplating, deliberating, and more scratching of heads, we decided that this month would be somewhat… different. No budget(y) vehicles.

TAKE TO THE SKIES It wasn’t all that long ago when nearly every NASDAQ-listed carmaker announced its future electric-car prospects.Then came autonomy. And both have been reasonably successfully implemented with.

NOTHING LEFT TO CHANCE — Image © NETCARSHOW.COM With more than 1,000 kW skulking under the bonnet of the Bugatti Chiron, a two-decimal mechanical margin of error is two decimals too much. As a result, the French hypercar maker has made its ‘Bugatti Telemetry’ available...
Revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the replacement for the then 13-year-old Aston Martin DB9 saw a new era heralded in for the British Carmaker. Under their "Second Century" plan, Aston Martin hopes to regain its former glory as a sports car benchmark brand....
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