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Go big or go home. Nothing embodies this statement more accurately than Audi launching 15 new vehicles at once. Usually, car manufacturers spread out their car launches to allow each model to make an impression without being overshadowed by the others. However, with the Covid-19...

A crowd of excited matriculates whip out their smartphones and gingerly loiter around the parking lot craning their necks to catch a glimpse of my tester car and its occupants..

The Audi A1 is one of those cars, you know, the kind that resembles accessibility into the sphere of premium with a relatively affordable price tag. It can keep an.

CURB APPEAL IN SPADES Audi’s product portfolio has in recent times seen a bit of a hiatus as far as new models are concerned. However, after much deliberation, the company has returned to form and brought new products to the market, spearheaded by the flagship...

THE SCIENTISTS OF SPEED The thing you must understand about Audi, and especially its RS division, is that there’s very little room for personality. If any, the character is pint-sized,.

LEXUS’ MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE Since the launch of the original Lexus LS back in 1989, which also spearheaded Toyota’s charge in competing squarely with the premium German triumvirate, it has.

Admittedly, my opinion of the first crossover coupés and their tapered rooflines has vacillated between lukewarm and loathing since the arrival of the first of their ilk a few years ago. Being either too bulbous or too stumped at the rear, I just couldn't get...
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