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IMPROVING EXCELLENCE How does one improve on excellence? Well, if Bentley has anything to say about it, it needs a plateful-worth of increased boldness, a bigger engine and uncompromising luxury. One would think that the Bentayga V8 already adheres to Bentley’s most stringent quality and...
When Maserati first launched their long-awaited Levante high-rider, it was fuelled by diesel. Now the petrol version of the Trident Marque's sports activity vehicle has graced our shores. EGMONT SIPPEL was captivated. Blame Wendelin Wiedeking. For it was the good doctor from Zuffenhausen who realised...

In modern times, one would be forgiven for mistakenly associating the Bentley brand with automobiles that represent a bygone era of snobbish motoring, when actually driving a vehicle oneself, was.

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