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BMW used the 2018 Paris Motor Show as the launch pad to showcase the newest model of its perennial 3 Series premium sedan. Some changes to BMW’s seventh generation 3 Series - codenamed G20 - are on the subtle end of the scale, while others,...
Cars have long been considered as more than a means of transport argues WILHELM LOOTS. And like the horse it replaced more than a century ago, many cars have become symbols of status. Beyond becoming status symbols, some automobiles have acquired a certain iconic status,...

There’s no room for error in the premium SUV market nowadays. If you want to compete, you’ve got to go all in and be the best. And Audi’s best, it.

Fans of the Four – those individuals who have always appreciated BMW quality but found the 3 Series somewhat "entry level" for their tastes and the 5 Series too bulky – rejoiced in the arrival of a convertible, Gran Coupé and the M4 Coupé in 2014....
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