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MCLAREN JOINS THE CHARGE OF THE HYBRID BRIGADE | The launch of the new Artura marks the beginning of a new chapter for McLaren as it (somewhat belatedly) joins the growing ranks of the hybrid hypercar brigade. And while at first glance it may look...

If we’re honest, McLaren's never-ending numerical naming schemes representing a mechanical engineer's scribble book were becoming a bit erm… bland and uninspiring. So, names like Senna and now Artura are.

It’s completely ruined. The idea of supercars that is. As I write this, 24 hours after driving the McLaren 720S, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the mind-boggling performance that is generated from some clever aerodynamic engineering, a generous application of carbon fibre...

This is not your ordinary Top 5. After some head scratching, contemplating, deliberating, and more scratching of heads, we decided that this month would be somewhat… different. No budget(y) vehicles.

Despite assurances that Andreas Bareis is one of the most amicable people he was ever likely to meet, DEON VAN DER WALT describes how he felt a tinge of intimidation before getting down to the interview business with McLaren's new Vehicle Line Director for the...
Importer of both luxury and supercar brands, Daytona is set to move to a new location towards the end of the year. The dealership that imports brands such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and Pagani is currently situated in the heart of Sandton and will...
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