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THE MADIBA BENZ We recently celebrated Mandela and his release from prison thirty years ago with a countrywide journey in a Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d – also commemorating the handing over of a red Merc 500SE built for him by workers in the Daimler-Benz plant in...

THE BENCHMARK BENZ The Cambridge Dictionary defines luxury as “the pleasure and comfort you get from expensive and beautiful things”. For Mercedes-Benz then, who positions its new S-Class as the.

MERC UNVEILS NEW E-CLASS FAMILY With global economies gradually re-opening for business, Mercedes-Benz used the opportunity to showcase its new E-Class models. Arguably the most striking is the new Mercedes-AMG.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is one of those SUVs that throw the notion of sensible styling to the wind. It’s big, unrepentant and quite frankly not as practical as its more ‘conventional’ sibling and, well, buyers seem to love that sort of thing. This kettle...

Mercedes-Benz had initially planned to build the A-Class sedan exclusively for the Chinese and US markets, both which still revere the three-box design. However, much like Audi did in 2013,.

FLAMBOYANT EXPRESS In this edition of Driven, we look at the latest AMG model to bear the fabled 53-suffix, meaning it comes powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six, allied to a starter generator to quell turbo lag. The model in question is the graceful CLS 53...

LEXUS’ MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE Since the launch of the original Lexus LS back in 1989, which also spearheaded Toyota’s charge in competing squarely with the premium German triumvirate, it has.

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