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Porsche delivered more than 20,000 Taycan sports saloons to customers worldwide in 2020. In Norway, considered a model for EV adoption for the rest of the globe, the Taycan accounted for more than two-thirds of all Porsche models sold in this relatively small but significant market. The Taycan electric hypercar, disguised as a sports saloon, has also received more than 50 international awards since its launch just two years ago. Following hot on the heels of the Taycan, the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, with dashing good looks and performance to match, seems destined for similar stardom.

Like its namesake predecessor, Porsche’s new Taycan Cross Turismo benefits from the same innovative electric drivetrain with its 800-volt architecture. The Cross Turismo’s new high-tech chassis with all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension also ensures exceptional off-road dynamics. With more headroom for rear-seat passengers and more load capacity via its large tailgate, as well as sporty accessories, including two new e-bikes and a high-speed roof box,the Cross Turismo distinguishes itself as the all-rounder in the Porsche family of overachievers.

The model range comprises the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo, Taycan 4S Cross Turismo, Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo, and the top of the range Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo.

Aesthetically Porsche

Following the Porsche design style first introduced in the Panamera Sport Turismo, the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is a toned muscular four-door sports shooting brake, or “turismo”, according to Porsche’s naming convention. 

Unmistakably endowed with the Porsche design DNA, the most prominent feature is its silhouette, defined by the falling roofline towards the rear, referred to as the “flyline” by Porsche designers. Combined with the Off-Road Design package, the Cross Turismo has unique flaps adorning the corners of the front and rear bumpers and the periphery of the sills, providing protection from stone impacts. 

Comparable with the Taycan sports saloon, the new Cross Turismo features innovative elements such as the glass-effect Porsche lettering in the rear light bar.

Design contours from the Taycan sports saloon are located in the interior, including the wing-shaped upper and lower sections of the dashboard, extending across the entire width of the car; the free-standing, curved instrument cluster; the central 10.9” infotainment display; and an optional front passenger display, all of which combine to form an integrated glass band in a black-panel look. In honour of its off-road credentials, a compass has been installed above the dashboard.

Sporting a reduced number of classic controls, including switches, buttons and dials, control is both intelligent and intuitive, utilising touch operation with haptic feedback, or the voice control function, which responds to the command “Hey Porsche”.  All vehicle configurations for the Cross Turismo, including a host of apps, can be easily regulated via a structured and customisable home screen.

Porsche Hallmark

In the Taycan Cross Turismo, the louvre-less air vents are electrically controlled and, for the first time, integrated into the fully automatic control of the air conditioning system. An optional heat pump utilises the powertrain’s waste heat to heat the car’s interior efficiently while increasing range, particularly at low ambient temperatures.

Porsche has also enhanced its standard connectivity equipment. Applctivite podcasts can now be selected as an individual media source. With LED headlights, Advanced Climate Control (two zones), multifunction sports steering wheel, partial leather interior and eight-way electrically adjustable comfort seats, the standard equipment on the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo and Taycan 4S Cross Turismo is extensive. For the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo, 14-way electrically adjustable comfort seats come as standard. The Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo features include 18-way electrically adjustable adaptive sports seats, a leather-free two-tone interior and rear-axle steering, the Sport Chrono package, and Porsche Electric Sport Sound.

Porsche Performance

All four Taycan Cross Turismo derivatives have two electric motors each, front and rear, and therefore come standard with all-wheel-drive. Both the range and the continuous power of the drive benefit from the high efficiency of the permanently excited synchronous motors. The electric motor, transmission and pulse‑controlled inverter are individually combined to form a compact drive module.

At its launch, all four Taycan Cross Turismo derivatives were immediately available, and the same 93.4 kWh battery is fitted as standard. The top of the line Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo sports 560 kW of power and 1,050 Nm of linear torque, instantly and consistently available. Accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h, this versatile athlete, thanks to its phenomenal electric drivetrain, is rated as one of the quickest accelerating production Porsches ever.

Porsche Driven

Befitting of any Porsche, chassis control is everything. Porsche utilises a centrally networked control system for the chassis of the Taycan Cross Turismo. Named Porsche 4D Chassis Control, this integrated system analyses and synchronises all chassis systems in real-time. An adaptive air suspension with an electronic damper control system is fitted as standard. It includes a Smartlift function, allowing the driver to effortlessly programme the system to automatically raise the ride height at specific recurring locations, such as speed bumps or garage driveways. At higher speeds, the air suspension also allows for the frontal area and Cd value to be reduced by lowering the Taycan Cross Turismo in two stages.

An optional Off-Road Design package increases ground clearance by up to 30 mm. The car’s chassis systems, rear-axle transmission, and throttle characteristics are specifically designed for off-road driving. As a result, the Cross Turismo can be driven with optimal power delivery and precise vehicle control on varied surfaces, including uneven tracks.

Unparalleled Charging

In addition to compelling cars, a customer-friendly charging infrastructure is key to ensuring the prolonged success of electric mobility. Comparable to all electric cars, the Porsche Taycan range of electric cars can be fully charged overnight, in the comfort and security of a home garage, utilising a standard 240 V outlet. On the road, the Taycan range also benefits from Porsche’s 800-volt technology with its ingenious temperature control strategy for the battery. The battery, which Porsche has christened the Performance Battery Plus, can be charged from a five to 80 percent state of charge in just 22.5 minutes. And for a quick splash and dash, the battery can be recharged for a range of up to 100 km in just five minutes, also using a DC rapid charger, such as the Ionity charging network in Europe. In addition, the Taycan recuperates power under braking, or when coasting, at a charging rate that is increased to 290 kW.

The Taycan’s maximum charging capacity of 270 kW, when charging from a DC rapid charger, is significantly higher than that of any of its competitors, including Tesla, which has a maximum charging capacity of 250 kW. Taycan owners can also opt to limit the maximum charging capacity to 200 kW, thereby preventing battery degradation and, in turn, increasing the lifespan of the battery.

Porsche’s Plug & Charge function enables convenient charging and payments without the necessity for card or app usage. As soon as the charging cable is plugged into a Plug & Charge-compatible charging station, both the charging and payment processes start automatically.

Although, as any EV owner would know, the true benefit of an EV is the ability to charge at home and wake up with a fully charged battery every morning.

Porsche Safety

Comparable to the saloon, the low and central installation position of the battery on the Taycan Cross Turismo contributes to achieving a low centre of gravity for the vehicle. The aluminium housing of the underfloor battery is part of the Taycan Cross Turismo’s safety structure. 

In addition, the Cross Turismo features an impressive list of both active and passive safety features that are standard in the Porsche family.

Depending on the seating configuration, the Cross Turismo sports four or five three-point seat belts with force limiters. The Porsche Side Impact Protection System embodies side impact protection elements in the doors and thorax airbags, which are integrated with the side bolsters in the front seats. The side protection system is completed with curtain airbags covering the entire roof frame and side windows from the A to the C pillar. Full-size airbags and knee airbags are available at the front for both the driver and front passenger.

Flexible Upgrades

Thanks to Porsche’s Functions on Demand (FoD), Taycan drivers can purchase various convenience and assist functions as and when required. What makes this approach unique is that this option is also possible after the vehicle has been purchased, and availability is not dependent on the sports car’s original configuration. It is not necessary to visit a workshop, thanks to online activation. This is currently possible for the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keeping and Porsche InnoDrive.

Last Word

Given the popularity of the “wagon” or “shooting brake” design style in Europe, while considering the global fascination with vehicles that complement and enhance an active lifestyle, we expect the Taycan Cross Turismo to be every bit as popular as the Taycan sports saloon.

While we are avidly awaiting the arrival of the new Taycan Cross Turismo for a first test drive, we drove the Taycan sports saloon for an extended period in Germany before the global lockdown and again when it was launched in South Africa recently. Considering the Taycan’s revolutionary electrical engineering, energy efficiency, and blistering acceleration, our initial opinion was that the Taycan is arguably the best Porsche ever. We expect nothing less from the new Taycan Cross Turismo with its arresting looks, punch-in-the-back acceleration, and versatility.

Following in the footsteps of the trailblazing Porsche Taycan, the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo provides another glimpse into Porsche’s future, which suggests it will be as exhilarating as ever. The new Taycan Cross Turismo, all-electric and all-awesome, is an uncompromising and versatile car rooted in the best tradition and spirit of Porsche.

Report by WILHELM LOOTS | Images © PORSCHE

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