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FORD RANGER 2.2 XL SPORT DOUBLE CAB AUTO | It's a brave, new, fast-changing world out there, and to stay relevant, carmakers are increasingly adapting their products to their customers' needs. As popular as the Ranger is, there's always room for a more compelling offer,...

There is a saying that you do not mess with a winning combination and, for the best part of a century, this has been the mantra BMW motorcycle designers have.

Suzuki changed the face of motorcycling when they introduced their avant-garde Katana 1100 back in 1981. And, as a result of motorcycling’s most popular decade ever, Japanese manufacturers were riding.

Judging by the 790 Duke, GAVIN FOSTER has no doubt that KTM’s new 800 cc parallel-twin engine is going to open many new doors for the Austrian manufacturer. Vertical-twin, or parallel-twin engines as it's also known, have over the past decade or so come back...
Kawasaki, for many years, has taken a backseat in the dual-purpose market. This allowed manufacturers like BMW, KTM and Honda to capitalise on the ever-growing opportunities in the adventure segment. So, not to be outdone, Kawasaki has tweaked the adventure formula into what is known...

Kawasaki has strengthened its hand by introducing a brand-new affordable 900 cc naked motorcycle with a serious performance offering in a no-frills package. **GAVIN FOSTER** gives it his all. Kawasaki’s.

It is a beautiful Sunday morning when you get out of bed. The road calls you, to ride, to escape. Helmet in hand, you rip the cover off a machine that is more than transport, but an extension of your personality, a motorcycle like no...
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