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Volvo trucks are a frequent sight on South African roads, and for good reason. Over the years, the company has consistently produced excellent products and has carved a niche at the top of the industry. However, to remain at the top requires keeping up with...

Hyundai introduced a fresh new face in their local SUV range towards the end of 2020. The new Creta is a significant upgrade from the previous car, with eye-catching styling.

South Africa’s economic climate notwithstanding, we’re expecting to see the introduction of more than 120 new models, derivatives, and upgrades to existing models in 2021. While we’d love to take.

Lots of modern cars are fast, but the 911 Turbo has always offered just that much more poise in the process. Introduced at the 1974 Paris Motor Show, the original (930) 911 Turbo was born of Porsche’s desire to homologate its racing cars for the...

A TRIFECTA OF FOUR-DOOR COUPÉS The launch of the Mercedes CLS back in 2005 pretty much ushered in a new wave of “four-door coupés”. With sedan sales plummeting worldwide, manufacturers.

AUTOMOTIVE ART The introduction of a new prancing horse to South Africa is always a sought-after invitation and, naturally, Driven cracked the nod to attend the exclusive first viewing of.

A WHISPER, NOT A SHOUT The word “ghost” elicits a host of different mental images for different people. Maybe it brings back nostalgic childhood memories of watching "Casper, the Friendly Ghost”, or more traumatic ones of terrifying horror movies. Perhaps it compels you to sing:...

TOUGHER, SAFER & MORE POWER Toyota South Africa unveiled its facelifted Hilux that it says is now ‘tougher and more advanced’. The virtually unveiled bakkie supplements an already extensive features.

THE BENCHMARK BENZ The Cambridge Dictionary defines luxury as “the pleasure and comfort you get from expensive and beautiful things”. For Mercedes-Benz then, who positions its new S-Class as the.

BOLDER, MORE VIBRANT IS DESTINED FOR SA It's hard to believe that it's already been 21 years since I was fortunate enough to attend the world launch of the original IS, a new entry-level rear-wheel-drive sport sedan from Lexus. It was designed and developed to...
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