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Developed originally for Bentley Motorsport’s racing drivers, the marque’s new range of accessories is the perfect fit for fans of the team that brings the thunder to the world’s racetracks. The range features water bottles, stylish bags that can be used for carrying just about anything, and Bentley-branded ear-protection equipment for children. The “Ear Defenders” have a noise reduction capability of 26 decibels which, Bentley explains, should keep young trackside fans safe from the raucous V8 thunder that follows its Continental GT3. The range also includes umbrellas, a GT3 keyring and Bentley Motorsport-branded mugs.


Ford’s new SYNC media system is set to debut in the new Mustang Mach-E, and will not just feature more pixel-perfect graphics or a better user-interface, but a complete platform for machine learning. It will, as per AI bylaws, learn from user behaviour and improve the user experience by making smarter suggestions. Much like Google learns our web browsing patterns, the SYNC system will prompt drivers to make a call, go to the gym or stop at a specific restaurant, all based on behavioural patterns. But it’s not just behavioural preferences that it will take into account, since the car can also be configured to a driver’s exact specifications with over 80 different vehicle settings – a feature we have only really seen on much pricier luxury cars up until now.


Land Rover’s chief designer officer, Gerry McGovern, joined forces with Henry Poole & Co to design a special fabric that commemorates 50 years of Range Rover. The fabric, of which only 120 m was produced, was inspired by the exterior colour-palette of the original 1970 Range Rover, which includes Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold and Davos White. The limited production of the fabric meant that there were only enough threads to create 50 bespoke jackets – certainly a fitting way to celebrate Range Rover’s golden jubilee.


Sure, by all appearances this looks like just another IKEA-inspired side table characterised by its stylishly minimalistic design. That, however, is not the case since, under the surface, this table has some nifty functionality. It features wireless charging capability that is paired with touch-sensitive controls for Bluetooth speakers. The Koble Carl smart side table also has two USB ports that can charge devices, or even play music. So, for around R5,000 you not only get contemporary décor, but also loads of utility.


Rolex is looking to win over timepiece aficionados with more than just superb craftsmanship with its new range of Submariner watches which – yes you guessed it – are made with the depths of the ocean in mind. According to Rolex, the creation of the range is closely linked to the constantly evolving development of deep-sea diving. The watchmaker played a central role in the advancements of waterproof chronometer watches that used the Oyster case. The same case is now being used in the new range of Submariners which Rolex guarantees can hit a depth of 300 m without skipping a second. With extreme functionality, this Rolex also delivers extreme style whether underwater or firmly planted on terra firma.


It’s said to be the largest physical console in recent memory. With it, though, comes a host of features and now nearly seven years after the international launch of the PS4, we are eagerly awaiting the release of Sony’s latest and greatest advancement in virtual experiences, which is due to drop on 19th November. It will launch with 8K capability (we’re still getting our heads around 4K) and support a resolution of up to 4,320 pixels. Furthermore, it will have HDR (High-Dynamic Range) that captures a wide spectrum of colours as well as an expected 120 frames per second playback ability. This should be perfect for running next-gen racing simulation games like Gran Turismo 7 on a performance plane where the visuals will be near-indistinguishable from reality.

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