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Mercedes-Benz had initially planned to build the A-Class sedan exclusively for the Chinese and US markets, both which still revere the three-box design. However, much like Audi did in 2013, introducing the A3 sedan to the South African market opened it up to an altogether...

When you look at the BMW X7, it conjures up several adjectives that one can oftentimes associate with proportion and luxury: excessive, extravagant, extra, extreme, extraordinary – you get the.

Admittedly, my opinion of the first crossover coupés and their tapered rooflines has vacillated between lukewarm and loathing since the arrival of the first of their ilk a few years.

It’s all very confusing, this Mercedes-Benz numbering taxonomy. At one stage, 200 used to mean a car is fitted with a 2.0-litre engine. Nowadays, 200 can mean anything from 1.3, 1.5-litre or well, 2.0-litre engines, with the numbering instead referring to the spec-level and relative...
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