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THE QUINTESSENCE OF GT What makes a Grand Tourer? Is it the luxury, the performance or the distance-bruising ability of a car with this designation? It’s an abbreviation that has almost become a mainstay label for anything performance… or so it seems. In fact, the...

MERC UNVEILS NEW E-CLASS FAMILY With global economies gradually re-opening for business, Mercedes-Benz used the opportunity to showcase its new E-Class models. Arguably the most striking is the new Mercedes-AMG.

FLAMBOYANT EXPRESS In this edition of Driven, we look at the latest AMG model to bear the fabled 53-suffix, meaning it comes powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six, allied to a starter generator to quell turbo lag. The model in question is the graceful CLS 53...

Mercedes-Benz has taken a new route with its latest junior AMGs, equipping the 53 designated range with a new in-line power plant, replacing the V-engines used over the last two.

It’s all very confusing, this Mercedes-Benz numbering taxonomy. At one stage, 200 used to mean a car is fitted with a 2.0-litre engine. Nowadays, 200 can mean anything from 1.3, 1.5-litre or well, 2.0-litre engines, with the numbering instead referring to the spec-level and relative...
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