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Many may decry the rise of the four-door SUV coupé as a gimmick, but there's no denying that it is a fast-growing sub-segment for buyers who want sportier looks from their sporty utilities. Bernie Hellberg Jr compared BMW's sportiest mid-size SUVs in both X3 and...

Mercedes-Benz has taken a new route with its latest junior AMGs, equipping the 53 designated range with a new in-line power plant, replacing the V-engines used over the last two.

LEXUS’ MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE Since the launch of the original Lexus LS back in 1989, which also spearheaded Toyota’s charge in competing squarely with the premium German triumvirate, it has.

WOKING’S ARACHNIDS We’re privileged here at Driven for having, in recent times, sampled both the McLaren 600 LT (Long Tail) and 720 S Coupe Spider variants, in relatively successive stints. The former is a no-holds-barred, purpose-built mid-engine sportscar that delivers a more focussed and visceral...
When you look at the BMW X7, it conjures up several adjectives that one can oftentimes associate with proportion and luxury: excessive, extravagant, extra, extreme, extraordinary – you get the idea… See, you can’t quite help it, because when an X5 is just a mite...

Following the Porsche Cayenne’s 17th anniversary, we joined Porsche in Austria to experience first-hand Porsche’s introduction of the all-new Cayenne Coupé. Having anticipated a coupé styled SUV from the manufacturer.

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