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Volkswagen Move up!

There are certain must-haves that fleet buyers seek when deciding on a particular model in a brand’s line-up. BERNARD HELLBERG SR shares his views on the Volkswagen Move up! as a fleet option.

Taken as a whole, the attributes that make a fleet car stand out from the crowd have to blend seamlessly to make the cut to be seriously considered for fleet duty. These features are economy, roominess, safety, and running costs.

And this where Volkswagen’s excellent little Move up! has firmly caught the eye of fleet buyers with a total package that has made it a sought-after purchase.


Traditional Volkswagen engineering integrity is part of the up!’s DNA, and it is this reliability which fleet buyers seek when they consider the effects of operating costs and return on investment. Starting with the engine, a low-stressed 55 kW unit which should provide years of reliable service, the Move up! offers several features which a recently arrived tourist – nervous at the prospect of driving a car with the steering wheel and the gear lever on the “wrong” side – will find reassuringly familiar. Goodies such as AUX-in socket, MP3 player and CD player, air conditioning and remote central locking will be appreciated, as will the electric front windows and the full-size spare wheel. A height adjustable steering wheel rounds off the image of luxury usually not available at this price point. The Move up! also has Bluetooth connectivity.


Foreign visitors, accustomed to high standards of safety, will likewise be assured by ABS brakes with brake assist, no fewer than four airbags, electronic stability control. LED daytime running lights and tyre pressure loss indicator.


With all indications pointing to South African fuel prices reaching European levels in the near future, the car’s modest consumption figures will be a real plus. Claimed by Volkswagen to use as little as 4.6 litres/100 km (and verified by us in subsequent testing), this will emerge as one of the car’s most vital sales advantages. It’s light on fuel without being a total snail when it comes to performance. Admittedly, it takes some 13.5 seconds for the 0-100 km/h “sprint” but, hopefully, tourists driving it shouldn’t be in a hurry, while those who drive it as a company car should have no problem improve on these figures.


Picture the tourist couple arriving at OR Tambo International with four cases containing all their requirements for their two-week African safari. Staring them in the eye will be 251 litres of available space which, fortunately, will expand to a completely acceptable 959 litres once the rear seats have been folded down.


A brilliantly light clutch action, short-throw gear lever movement in the manual five-speed unit (all models) all assist in making the Move up! a strong fleet contender. Zippy and nippy in traffic, the Move up! is small enough to sneak into tight spots, thanks to its modest 3.6-metre length and delectable 9.8-metre turning circle. The relatively small (999 cc, 3-cylinder) engine is mounted well forward, and this is instrumental in creating a fairly large and roomy interior.


Operating in the same price band, several other makes will try to offer their wares as an alternative to up!. These include Kia Picanto, Datsun GO (1.2 Remix), Honda Brio hatch Comfort auto, and Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia+.


With great looks, solid engineering and competitive pricing, Volkswagen has moved back to its roots with a product range that offers a 3-year/120,000 km warranty and 15,000 km service intervals. Unfortunately, there’s no service plan. The Move up! will continue to sell very well in company fleets – whether for the tourism industry or as a reliable company transporter. Volkswagen, as a brand, enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability and the ability to retain value – and this places the Move up! at the top of the list when fleet buyers go shopping for a compact set of wheels.



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