Porsche lit up the stage at the 30th anniversary of the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed, introducing their latest concept car, the Porsche Vision 357 Speedster. This stunning vehicle pays homage to the legendary Porsche 356, combining classic design elements with cutting-edge electric technology.

The Porsche Vision 357 Speedster, a sibling to the closed Porsche Vision 357, is based on the electric powertrain of the Porsche 718 GT4 e-Performance and the chassis of the 718 GT4 Clubsport, as well as some components from the Mission R.

The exterior design of the Vision 357 Speedster is a visual delight, with a shortened windscreen typical of a speedster, a one-sided tonneau cover, a striking carbon roll-over element behind the driver’s headrest, and the two-tone paint scheme inspired by historic motorsport.

Inside the cockpit, the emphasis is on the driver. The low-slung seat position, covered in Racetex, shouts at a sporty driving experience. Simple fabric straps replace conventional door handles, adding a touch of racing heritage, and, in stark contrast, the transparent instrument cluster is placed atop the steering column.

Alongside the Vision 357 Speedster, Porsche also displayed the historic 356 No.1 Roadster, the brand’s first-ever sports car, which launched both the Porsche brand and what would become the Porsche legend.

With its fusion of classic design and innovative technology, this concept speedster is the one we would love to see in production.


Paying homage to its legendary predecessor, the Fiat 600 from the 1950s, the New Fiat 600e marks the brand’s return to the B-segment, with increased space, enhanced range, and a touch of Dolce Vita charm.

The New Fiat 600e comes in two full-electric versions: La Prima and (600e)RED, offering a family-friendly solution to enjoy the essence of Italian Dolce Vita while caring for social causes. With five doors and comfortable seating for 5, this Italian beauty boasts a roomy interior with 15 litres of storage space and an impressive 360-litre trunk capacity.

Energised by a relatively small 54 kWh lithium-ion battery, the 600e still achieves an excellent range of over 400 km in the WLTP combined cycle and over 600 km in the urban cycle. The maximum charging capacity is limited to 100 kW using a public fast charger system. Although it makes for slow charging compared to other EVs, it is sufficient to fill up the battery to 80% in under half an hour. In sport mode, the 115 kW electric motor delivers adequate performance, reaching 100 km/h from standstill in 9.0 seconds.

The (600e)RED, a partnership with RED to fight AIDS, dons a vibrant red hue and offers an eco-friendly mobility solution with a heartwarming cause. La Prima, on the other hand, provides 100% style, tech, and comfort, available in four colours inspired by the essence of Italy.

The order book opened in July, and the first units are expected to arrive in the Italian market by September.


Bentley’s renewably-powered showcase at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was opened in dramatic fashion by setting a new, albeit unofficial, hillclimb record – the fastest car up the hill with a trailer in tow. A Bentayga EWB, Bentley’s newest flagship, completed the hill climb in just 1 minute 21 seconds – impressive enough – but made even more surprising by its towing 2.5 tonnes of straw in a specially-prepared trailer.

As part of Bentley’s ongoing research and development of sustainable fuel, all modern Bentleys running on the hillclimb at the 2023 Festival of Speed were using 100 per cent renewable fuel, which translates to an 85 per cent reduction in carbon emissions on a well-to-wheels basis.

The 2.5 tonnes of straw hauled to the top of the hill is enough to create 1,770 kilometres worth of fuel that the Bentayga EWB, and indeed all Bentleys, can run on without modification. The second-generation biofuel conforms to the global EN228 standard for gasoline, meaning it’s a straightforward replacement for standard pump fuel. 

Unlike first-generation biofuels, made from food crops grown on arable land, second-generation biofuels use waste products, including agriculture and forestry waste and food industry by-products. During the production process, waste biomass is fermented to create ethanol, and then converted to ethylene, which is then transformed into gasoline through a process called oligomerisation. 

Second-generation biofuel avoids the ‘food versus fuel’ dilemma associated with first-generation biofuels by using waste materials that would otherwise be disposed of. It’s like turning trash into treasure!


Stellantis has unveiled its new global EV-by-design platform to accelerate its transition to EVs. Named the STLA Medium platform, Stellantis is hedging its bets on the new platform to achieve a best-in-class range of 700 kilometres, exceptional energy efficiency, and cutting-edge power and charging capabilities. 

The STLA Medium platform is geared for the C- and D-segments, which accounted for 35 million vehicle sales globally in 2022. Starting production in Europe this year, Stellantis aims to manufacture up to two million vehicles per year on this platform across the globe.

With a 400-volt electric architecture, the STLA Medium was designed to deliver unparalleled energy efficiency and rapid charging, consuming as little as 14 kWh per 100 km in some applications, and a charging time of less than 30 minutes for a 20% to 80% state-of-charge.

The STLA Medium platform is suitable for various vehicles and propulsion configurations. The platform provides front- and all-wheel-drive options, with an electric power output range of 160 to 285 kW. From passenger cars to SUVs, the STLA Medium’s flexibility will allow Stellantis designers to create vehicles with varying dimensions and ground clearance.

Designed to be future-proof, the STLA platform family allows for over-the-air updates to software and hardware. It can accommodate various propulsion options and be adapted for future battery chemistries, ensuring rapid innovation and adaptation in a sector that is innovating and developing at an unprecedented pace.

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