Mahindra Vision Thar.e: A Bold Leap into the Electric Future

In a groundbreaking revelation at Cape Town’s recent Futurescape event, Mahindra Electric Automobiles Limited showcased the “Vision Thar.e” – an electric manifestation of the iconic Thar SUV, expanding the boundaries of off-road exploration.

Vision Thar.e boldly signifies a revolutionary design leap, not just for Mahindra, but for India. Retaining the rugged DNA of its legendary predecessor, expressed in audacious design language, this electric SUV embraces an “explore the impossible” philosophy. 

Riding on the INGLO-born electric platform and flaunting a cutting-edge high-performance AWD electric powertrain, this e-SUV not only promises an exhilarating off-road experience, but also marks Mahindra’s global shift towards sustainable mobility.

Thar.e’s ingenious engineering goes beyond electric propulsion. With adaptable, modular, and swappable components, Mahindra introduces a new approach to electric SUV construction. This enhances practicality and positions the Thar.e as a standout player in the electric SUV landscape.

Inside, the Thar.e’s interior showcases minimalism with a focus on functionality, catering to both urban and off-road adventurers. Sustainable fabrics made from 50% recycled PET and an emphasis on recyclable plastics align with Mahindra’s commitment to simplicity and sustainability.

With its daring design, sustainable composition, and recognition of an enduring legacy, the Thar.e represents a compelling off-road SUV for the next generation. The invitation is clear: explore the future of electric mobility with the Vision Thar.e.

Suzuki’s Electric Odyssey: Unveiling the Future at Japan Mobility Show

In a dazzling debut at the inaugural Japan Mobility Show, Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) painted a vivid picture of the future, one charged with innovation and electric possibilities. With over 475 global organisations converging, SMC showcased a commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) and a vision that extends beyond cars.

Front and centre was the Suzuki eVX Concept, a testament to Suzuki’s electric aspirations. Having graced the Auto Expo 2023 in India, the eVX returned to Tokyo with a full interior, revealing the intricate details of its electronically-controlled 4×4 system, boasting true-blue overlanding capabilities. 

Suzuki’s foray into EVs is not a distant dream; it’s a tangible reality shaping the automotive landscape, as is evidenced by Suzuki’s electric ambitions transcending four-wheelers. The Japan Mobility Show unfolded Suzuki’s blueprint for the future, featuring next-gen electric motorcycles, including the sleek e-Burgman and innovative hydrogen-powered scooters. The company’s commitment extends beyond personal mobility, as plans were unveiled for fully electric motorcycles and outboard motors, with eight BEV motorcycle models and six electric outboard-motor ranges slated by 2030.

The visionary road map doesn’t stop at electrification. Suzuki is poised to explore carbon-neutral fuels for its internal combustion models, showcasing a holistic approach to sustainable mobility. As the automotive world shifts toward an electric future, Suzuki sets a compelling course for an electrifying tomorrow. The Japan Mobility Show wasn’t just an event; it was Suzuki’s declaration of intent – a promise of a vibrant, electric future.

Volvo EM90: A Mobile Haven for Life’s Journeys

In a world defined by hustle and bustle, Volvo seeks to infuse our on-the-go existence with a sense of meaning with the fully electric Volvo EM90 premium MPV, set for release in China soon.

Boasting iconic Scandinavian design, a safety legacy spanning 96 years, unparalleled comfort, and cutting-edge technology, this MPV represents something vastly different from what we have seen in this segment.

The exterior design paints a futuristic picture, but beyond the captivating exterior lies a host of advanced features. Powered by a huge 116 kWh battery, the EM90 achieves a competitive range of up to 480 kilometres. Swift charging, bi-directional capabilities, and a robust safety suite underscore Volvo’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Step inside, and the EM90 transforms into a living room on wheels. Adorned with Scandinavian design details, the interior prioritises comfort, sound isolation, and road noise cancellation. The dual-chamber air suspension and silent tires further elevate the ride experience, creating an environment where every journey feels like a private concert hall.

Volvo’s chief executive, Jim Rowan, says, “The Volvo EM90 is a supremely comfortable electric car with a smart cabin, fast charging, a competitive driving range, Volvo’s unique design language, and a high level of premium in every detail. But far more important is what it does for you. It gives you room to connect. Room to create. Room to relax. Room for you and those around you.”

Takealot’s Electric Revolution: JAC N75 EV Trucks Leading the Charge

In a resounding commitment to eco-conscious logistics, Takealot, South Africa’s e-commerce giant, has taken a bold leap into a green future by introducing a fleet of battery-electric trucks. Embracing sustainability and cost-efficiency, Takealot has partnered with JAC Motors and Aeversa to roll out its inaugural fleet of JAC N75 EV four-tonne battery-electric trucks.

The JAC N75 EV, a formidable player in the electric truck arena, offers a payload of 4,050 kg and a range of 200 km per charge. Equipped with a 107 kWh LFP battery pack, it boasts a swift charging time of approximately 80 minutes, making it a practical and efficient choice for daily operations.

Noteworthy is the innovative use of Ampcontrol software to address range anxiety, maximising the JAC N75 EV’s range through opportunistic charging. This forward-thinking approach not only ensures operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Karl-Heinz Göbel, CEO of JAC Motors South Africa, highlights the safety features and cost-effectiveness of the JAC N75 EV. With a 50% reduction in fuel/energy expenses and a 70% lower maintenance cost than conventional ICE trucks, the JAC N75 EV is an attractive investment for transport operators eyeing the switch to battery-electric trucks.

As the world of logistics witnesses a paradigm shift towards greener practices, Takealot’s introduction of JAC N75 EV trucks is a beacon of change, setting the stage for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future in the e-commerce delivery landscape.

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